Welcome to MH Entertainment!

All my adult life, I have been what many call a ‘social director’.   Organizing fund raisers, party venues, creating an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment is what I’ve found myself doing, and doing it well.   I have organized very successful events and would like to take this skill to a higher level. My passion and knowledge would make me a perfect event planner to assist with your events or bookings.

I have held a variety of positions with companies professionally and personally that will verify my qualifications. I am detailed and organized. My outgoing personality and dedication to event coordination has been key in my past experiences which has resulted in successful and profitable corporate and non-profit events.

I feel that I have the experience and background that you are looking for. I work well with others in the entertainment industry and understand the importance of positioning an event so it will enhance the audience’s experience and be a very successful event.

Look no further contact Michelle at MH Entertainment for your next event planning or musician/band for your next gathering.

“MH Events are fabulously planned leaving priceless memories”

Michelle Hosch